GU Energy

The Overview
GU Energy has been at the forefront of modern sports nutrition for decades, transforming the market with its GU Energy Gel over 20 years ago. With the onslaught of bars passing as sports nutrition and the rise of all natural and whole food options, GU’s value and message was being drowned out by the noise. GU needed to connect directly with its audience, shift the conversation to truly science-driven sports nutrition and drive the launch of an expanded product assortment.

Project Objective
Drive long-term brand loyalty by rebuilding the eCommerce channel, implementing new marketing strategies and shifting the organization towards a data driven, digitally native, multi-channel operation.

Scope of Work
• Lead eCommerce re-platforming, redesign and ERP integration
• Guide the implementation of the new multi-channel marketing and communication strategy
• Redesign the product architecture and product database
• Build a new multi-channel company-wide go-to market process
• Advise on annual and seasonal planning

GU is a privately held company and does not disclose performance data. However, Adam Chamberland, VP of Marketing and eCommerce at the time of the project, had this to say:

“Matt and the team were instrumental in developing GU’s direct to consumer business and guiding the executive and marketing teams in a new direction. This was a big undertaking and shift for the organization and while it’s still a work in progress, we’ve made a lot of headway and see a clear path forward. This would not have been possible without Matt’s leadership.”