A Short Story: How We Landed Here

The path to Full Stream Group started with a ski photographer in Lake Tahoe, California, way down stream in the brand building process. Armed with a desire to steer brands towards a more authentic expression and greater social impact he began a two-decade long journey swimming upstream, till he found the source of the stream – people; the decisions they make and the culture that results.

What does an action sports photographer living in Lake Tahoe, California know about organizational development?

Nothing. Which means he has no way of effecting the brief that was just sent to him. No way of steering this brand away from the inauthentic expression a new agency just dreamt up. No way of sharing the unique value of that brand and personality of the athlete they’ve chosen to represent them.

This was the trigger that led Full Stream Group founder Matt Levinthal from action sports photographer through a nearly two-decade long journey of magazine publishing, creative agencies, startups, and marketing and multi-channel management; compiling an amalgamation of experiences in search of the secret to building powerful brands that impact culture.

The world of commerce was and continues to change rapidly, seeing this change from various perspectives within an organization and across multiple brands and industries is what led Full Stream Group to the headwaters of where brands are born and raised – people; the decisions they make and the culture that results.

To fix, build and amplify brands requires fixing, building and amplifying organizations that can embody the brand and bring that brand to life. Over time, tools were created, techniques were refined, a collective of support was gathered and Full Stream Group took form as an organizational development group, working as part of a collective to guide companies towards their full potential.

After over two decades of experience in the trenches grinding with teams across a wide range of industries, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to share with you what we’ve learned… unless of course we’re taking a brief moment to relive those ski bum days.

Learn more about why Matt gave up what some consider a dream job.

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