Are we building a boat or a house?

Boats move and turn- big ones slowly, small ones quickly; but they all turn. If we have a direction in mind, a crew that can communicate and a rudder to steer, we can control its course and speed. The speed and agility of the boat is dependent on the boat design and the capabilities of the crew.

IBM is a boat. Berkshire Hathaway is a boat. Amazon is an Armada.

Houses are affixed to the ground. The surrounding land is surveyed to select the right site. Then the house is designed and built to fit that site, to be sturdy and never move. Change comes from painting the outside, redoing the interior design, or putting on an addition. The aesthetics, experience and quality of construction come from the team that designed and built the house and is maintained by the homeowner or occupant.

Sears is a house. Toys R’ Us is a house. So is Red Bull, Prada and Whole Foods.

Are we building a house or a boat? Are we developing a specific solution to a specific problem (a house), or are we pursuing a purpose (a boat) no matter where it takes us?


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